With this project, Ron Geipel presents an alternative perspective to the outdated notion
that bacteria and microorganisms are something negative, precursors to nothing but disease.

His work reveals a complex and abstract organic world invisible to the naked
eye, exposing the hidden beauty living within and around us.

This symbiotic dance, wherein the imperceptible and unknown materialize, is the starting point of his work.
It then gives rise to images showing new perspectives of this hidden universe: detailed superimpositions of the seen and the unseen, of the surreal and the organic.

Exploring themes of life, chaos, transformation, and coex- istence, Ron’s images investigate the ways in which nature can be altered and reinterpreted. His work visualizes invisible patterns, complex shapes, or endless color combinations; depicting the beauty that emerges from the organic process of metabolism.

The microbial world shown in Ron’s work is very complex and incredibly adaptable, usually living within and around us in harmony. In opposition to this, the overuse of antibiotics in medicine, industry and farming has created one of the most pressing threats to mankind. Alternative solutions with more understanding of the bacterial world need to be found.